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Silicone is available in many colors. Two of our most widely used color for our silicone plugs are purple and black. But we also have other colors available such as pink, blue, white, flesh, and red. We not only have your usual plug shaped like a teardrop, ribbed, and tapered, but we are also introducing other shapes such anal beaded plugs. Our capacity to bring you more options are as flexible as the material itself. The possibilities are endless. Just choose your favorite and start plugging right away. It's that easy and simple.

Why do we recommend silicone so highly? Well it’s a completely non-porous material which means that bacteria can never penetrate the surface of the plug. Unlike other non-porous materials though, silicone keeps some of the soft, skin-like properties found in some porous materials. This means no only are you getting a safe and sound plug, but it also feel great when you insert it!