Collection: Danny Warhole

Danny Warhole is a pop artist who resides in San Diego with his husband, Joe. 

While Danny was growing up in the Midwest, he was awed by Andy Warhol, whose art was his first exposure to homosexuality in popular culture. 

Drawing from his exposure to artists like Warhol, and his own personal experiences,  Danny has sought to put his own take on the artistic expression of the gay  experience, combining pop art, homoeroticism and classic male forms. 

Danny is often inspired by travel, particularly to Palm Springs, where he tries to spend as much time as possible. His art is part autobiography, part love letter, part drag and part homage to the past and present of gay culture. 

Over time, Danny has focused on pointillism, pen and ink,pastels, and most recently, digital sketching. Danny is active on social media, and he is always happy to answer any questions about his work.   Currently Exhibiting at Gallery@Circus West - 8861 Santa Monica Blvd