Collection: Ignacio Aramburu

Ignacio Aramburu

 Ignacio Aramburu was born in Mexico City in 1981 and trained in Dublin, Ireland, where he studied applied arts at the Liberties College Dublin and the Dublin Institute of Technology.

He started showing his artworks in Buenos Aires, Argentina , where he had five solo exhibitions between 2013 and 2014.

He’s done over  30 solo and group shows since then ,mostly in Argentina, Europe and Mexico. His favourite mediums are acrylics and pastels, and he calls his own style "Pop Realism"  as it is realism with a tender touch of a cartoon. 

His paintings depict sexuality, religion, violence, death and self-devastation and are inspired by his own life experience. 

His most remarkable contribution to lgbt art is his 2020 homoerotic series #sexemergencia2020 which explores gay and alternative sexualities,fetishism, and sex during the pandemic in apocalyptic settings with images full of gas masks, neon colors and his greek god-like superheroes of sex.

His artworks are part of private collections in the Américas,  Europe, and Australia.