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Johnny Hazzard Superstar Cock

$ 20 $ 79.95

One of the few truly versatile superstars of this generation, C1R exclusive Johnny Hazzard DOES IT ALL! Throughout his incredible career, he proves that whether dominant or submissive, top or bottom, Johnny’s sex is always violently intense! His oversized beautiful cock is always hard and ready to be used over and over!

Molded from Rascal Super Star Johnny Hazzard for a life-like size, feel and pleasure. This Cock is made of 100% FleshPhallix™, the most realistic material you have ever felt! FleshPhallix™ is made from 100% FDA approved ingredients, and is odorless and nontoxic. Suction cup base provides hands-free fun anywhere you want it.

Length 8” (20.3 cm) Girth 6” (15.2 cm) This Product is Rated for: Intermediate FleshPhallix™ Odorless Nontoxic Phthalate Free PVC Free Latex Free

Care Instructions: Safe with all lubricants. Wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water. Pat dry with a soft cotton towel and allow to air dry.


$7.95 is all it takes to access unlimited movies from award winning studios Rascal, All Worlds, iconic Catalina and legendary Dirk Yates. The entire C1R library boasting the largest gay owned video collection.  Watch every genre and niche of gay porn, from vintage William Higgins precondom Catalina to Rascal blockbusters.

C1R library boasting the largest gay owned video collection.
The Gallery @ Circus features the best of LGBT Artists.

Gallery @ Circus

The Gallery @ Circus features the best of LGBT Artists.  The front gallery showcases the latest works of a featured artist, rotating every quarter.  Check here for Openings and news about new shows.  Slip into the backroom gallery for more tantalizing art and objects.  Here we feature pieces from a wide range of LGBT artists showing everything from jewelry to pottery. 



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