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Spartacus Collection: Hotels - Resorts - Cruises

Spartacus Collection: Hotels - Resorts - Cruises

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Discovering foreign cultures while still being able to be yourself - even today, queer travelers can't take this for granted everywhere. Yet there are refuges around the globe where culture and diversity go hand in hand, where LGBTQ+ are not only tolerated, but welcomed.

This book takes you to these places. From sophisticated hotel palaces in the metropolis, to paradisiacal beach resorts in the tropics, to the floating luxury hotels of the new cruise generation, the experts of the Spartacus International Gay Guide have found, tested and documented the gems of queer-friendly tourism.

The result is an around-the-world trip for all the senses, diverse in the best sense of the word. In addition to informative texts and opulent photographs, the editorial team delivers that certain something that has made Spartacus a success story for over five decades.

Spartacus combines the longing for the wider world with the knowledge that the international connectedness of the LGBTQ+ community is not a utopia, but reality.

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