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Dirk Yates


Dirk Yates Private Files 5

Dirk Yates Private Files 5

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STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Brad Hardon, Jonnavick, Josh, Judas Christen, Lance Layman, Jake Jammer, Tailinn, Jay, and Taylor

Straight military studs Judas and his friend Josh are looking to party and try something new. Dirk brings in the big guns and cock of Mark Talinn to break them in for their first time. These guys get right to the action stripping and suck each other’s hard cocks. Mark takes turns fucking the tight holes with his huge cock. Josh has always wanted to fuck his best friend. He slides his cock in his friends’ bubble butt after mark has opened it up. Judas gets soaked with loads of cum from the hot cocks of these military studs. Hot military hunk Jay cruised hot stud Jake Jammer at the bookstore. Jake was ready to have some fun and with nowhere to fuck, they called Dirk Yates. These horny guys can’t wait to get their hands all over each other. Stroking each other’s cocks and laying on the bed they both suck each other’s cocks. “Fuck my face” Jakes tells Jay and jay chokes Jake shoving his cock down his throat. Jay flips Jake over and fucks his ass finding out exactly what how this power bottom wants it… Hard, fast, and deep. Jay is ready for the challenge and gives it to Jake just how he wants it. Jakes Begs for more and more. These two horny military studs are so turned on they both cum all over jakes stomach and chest Judas walks into the showers and finds Jonnavick stroking his cock under the warm water. Judas showers next to Jonnavick and can’t take his eyes of the huge cock next to him. Jonnavick starts to rub Judas and help wash his back. But when the favor is returned Jonnavick warns, “Don’t drop the soap.” Jonnavick sucks Judas cock as Lance walks in to use the urinal. Lance watches the show in the shower and starts stroking his cock. Lance can’t help but join the fun. This circle jerk doesn’t last long as Judas gets on his knees to suck both dicks. Everyone wants a taste of these hot cocks as they take turns giving head to the group. This makes Jonnavick and lance blow their loads all over Judas while he cums all over the floor in the shower. Sexy military stud Taylor returns to Dirk Yates after an eight year hiatus, only to meet Brad, who's eager to know what Taylor's all about. Taylor and Brad suck each other off to the point where Brad can't handle it any more. Brad not only fucks Taylor, but he also wants to see Taylor take something bigger up his ass! Check out this scene for some MAJOR penetration. Brad ends up cumming all over Taylor's mouth, face, and eyes...

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