PJUR - Original - Silicone Lubricant 100ml

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$ 39.95
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED SILICONE FOR A SUPER-SLICK EXPERIENCE: The world's premiere silicone formula, ORIGINAL super-concentrated silicone personal lubricant provides a super-slick, never sticky, long-lasting experience. Your intimate care and sexual wellness include using the best lube for enhancing sex and sensual massage.
  • GREAT FOR SENSUAL MASSAGE WITH NO MESSY CLEAN-UP: Thanks to its unique formulation, pjur ORIGINAL can also be used for massage and skin conditioning. Only a few drops are needed to leave your skin soft and smooth.
  • CAN BE USED AS A MASSAGE GEL OR PERSONAL LUBRICANT:  pjur ORIGINAL can be used as a massage gel as well as great personal lubricant.
  • LONG-LASTING LUBRICATION: The silicone molecules in pjur ORIGINAL remains on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed. As a result, pjur ORIGINAL delivers extremely long-lasting lubrication, making it ideal for sex and long-lasting massages.
  • FREE FROM PRESERVATIVES: pjur ORIGINAL is free from preservatives and meets the quality standard of US health authorities.

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