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Catalina Video


Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

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STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: Josh Eliot

CAST: Tishiro Ho, Christian Lee, Dai Wang, Jet Lee, Kevin Tran Nguyen, Kevin Yung, Mark Lee, Tony An, and Tony Tetsuro

"Ever wonder what goes on behind the making of those low budget monster movies? Check out Pacific Rim, an all-oral, all-Asian feast, and wonder no more. It stars the very finest in hot Asian talent, including several winners from the Catalina Asian Model Search Contest that took place in L.A.

On the set of his low budget monster movie, director Mark Lee is having lots of problems. His only comfort comes from his eager and cock-hungry assistant Jet Lee, who sucks Mark off then shoots a huge load himself.

Dai Wang and Kevin Tran Nguyen can't seem to keep their minds on their work. When they're sure that no one else is around they go for some hot and juicy cock sucking man-action in the prop room. Tony Tetsuro helps Tony An out of his costume and into his dick starved mouth.

While the rest of the crew is on a break, actors Tishiro Ho and Kevin Yung do a little improvising — Tishiro is very happy to find out that little Kevin isn't so little; in fact he's more than a mouthful! When Christian Lee discovers that Tony An is the big, mysterious producer, he can't wait to 'audition' for his next big part. As Tony tongues his smooth, wet hole, Christian moans in pleasure from his long, hot Pacific Rim." - Synopsis by TLA Video

KEYWORDS: Latin and Posing

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