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Oxballs - Purebred Silicone Puppy Tail - Tie Dye - M - Beagle

Oxballs - Purebred Silicone Puppy Tail - Tie Dye - M - Beagle

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We make our PUREBRED tails for a certain breed dog:  they are original, cool mixes of colors and rare!  For a limited time, you can get a PUREBRED PUPPY TAIL in either vibrant TIE-DYE or sleek LEATHER PROUD.

Each tail is made from our signature Pure Platinum Silicone so they’re rubbery n’ stretchy but still firm enough to stay planted up your pup-butt…perfect for wigglin’ and waggin’ while you’re on all fours or shakin’ your fuzzy buns.

Each unique PUREBRED PUPPY TAIL is individually hand poured right here in our factory, every plug is one of a kind and no two tails are alike.

The tapered ergo plug is designed for comfort wear n’ use and to “lock” tightly up your pup-pucker…no need to worry about stopping your scene to try and wrestle your tail back in with gloved mitts (not a pretty sight)…

The soft, flexible silicone tail hangs naturally and when paired with the flared plug-base, you can freely move it around by simply clenching and unclenching your hole.

Our PUREBRED PUPPY TAIL plug is so comfy; it won’t be long before your tail will feel like just another natural part of your body.

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