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Mr S Leather

Z H026K

MR S LEATHER - Hunter Harness - S/M/L

MR S LEATHER - Hunter Harness - S/M/L

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Mr S re-designed other Hunter Harness to give it an even sexier edge. Wider straps give you a hot, uber masculine look. Looks great shirtless with a pair of jeans or with one of our Leather Sports Jocks when you want everyone to know you’re ready to play. Multiple levels of adjustability let you really grow with this piece. A hot new look for the long, hot summer.

Shirts on or bare chest, this harness looks great! These aren’t just another way to hold up your pants. The Hunter Harness 2.0 gives you the feel of a sexy harness with the utility and style of leather suspenders. They wrap around your shoulders in a figure eight with a two and a half inch ring holding the four straps in the center of your back. Black buckles set off your pecs and lets you adjust the harness portion of this suspender combo to exactly the right fit.

Two inch black rings connect the harness straps to two suspenders that clip into your front belt loops. Adjustable snaps make it easy to clip into front belt loops to show off your cum gutters or side belt loops to highlight your lats and abs.
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