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Rascal Video


Matt Summers Superstar

Matt Summers Superstar

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STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: D.C. Chandler, Drew Peters, Filippo Romano, Julian Pierce, Matt Summers, Nick Piston, Ricardo Dias, and Victor Rios

MATT SUMMERS was one of Rascal's early exclusives and after debuting his boy next door looks and big cock, he shot to superstar fame making over 14 movies for the studio. Featuring the best moments of MATT SUMMERS on screen with scenes from DETENTION, PILLAGE AND PLUNDER, A MAN’S TAIL, WHAT MEN DO and PEEP SHOW. Also featuring FILIPPO ROMANO, VICTOR RIOS, D.C. CHANDLER, NICK PISTON, DREW PETERS, RICARDO DIAS and JULIAN PIERCE

KEYWORDS: Solo, Blow Job, Caucasian, Posing, and Hairy

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