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Master Series - Daggers Double Chain Nipple Clamps

Master Series - Daggers Double Chain Nipple Clamps

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Pleasure, pain and aesthetic appeal all in one: these nipple clamps are the perfect way to adorn yourself and give an extra kinky twist to a classic toy. The metal chain has spikes that hang from double chains.

As they are suspended across your chest, the clamps grip tightly to your sensitive nipples. With rubber tips to protect the delicate skin of the nipple and areola, the clamps are also easy to use and use a screw to adjust the pressure.

Not only do the spiked chains look beautiful, they can also be used to gently tug at the nipple clamps and play with sensations further!

After use, simply spray them with a toy cleaner and then let them dry.

All metal is nickel-free.

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