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Z 23008

Automatic Glans Trainer

Automatic Glans Trainer

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Battery operated vacuum pump specially designed to enlarge the head!
Before use, we recommend applying a little water-soluble lubricant to the head. Then push the head into the cylinder through the expandable opening of the sleeve and turn on the pump with the on/off function.
The suction suction function will start immediately, accompanied by pleasant vibrations. Due to the negative pressure produced, the head can swell like a bullet, quickly becoming bulging and thick! The push button can be used to dose the vacuum according to your own comfort and needs. Expandable sleeve with small stimulating


Total length 24 cm, cylinder length 11 cm, Ø 6.3 cm. Material: TPR, polycarbonate, ABS. 

Please order batteries separately: 2 x AA.
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