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artlounge collective
Body Talk, an exhibition showcasing spicier art by local artists Edward Lightner, K Ryan Henisey, Tony Smith, and Agostino Vaccaro. Each local artist presents the sexualized form through their own distinct lense. 
Edward Lightner is a local Pasadena artist whose status as HIV-positive greatly pushes his artwork to explore consent in all of its forms, often by recontextualizing imagery of pornography, religious dogma, and nuclear weapons testing. 
K Ryan Henisey, a local award-winning West Hollywood artist and Creative City grantee, breaks apart the human form and overlays them with idyllic imagery that resembles place and tradition to build mythologies that distinguish queerness.
Tony Smith is a local Ventura artist who's self taught artistry lets us re-experience mundanity and the simplest forms of pleasure.
Agostino Vaccaro, a local Fullerton artist, juxtaposes graphic patterns against tighter painted forms that is alluring in its high-color contrast composition made with intrinsically queer in subject. 
Body Talk is currently on exhibit at Circus Of Books - EAST, 8230 Santa Monica Blvd