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Strict 5 Ring Chastity Device

Strict 5 Ring Chastity Device

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Put your penis in purgatory with the Gates of Hell Chastity device. This chastity devices is made up of a series of 5 nickel plated steel rings, attached together by a leather strap. The first ring is for your cock and the balls the rest of the rings are to secure the penis.

Grab the manhood of your slave and force his cock and balls through the first and largest ring, then slide the rest of his penis through the other four rings. His trapped cock will arouse and amuse you so that you will not be able to keep yourself from teasing it.

Explore your chastity fantasies with a unique device for your pleasure and amusement. Squeeze the cock and balls of your submissive into the base ring and slide the rest of his penis through the other four rings. If he gets an erection, the rings will be tight against it, constricting him painfully for your enjoyment.

The small D-ring on the end allows you to attach weights or other BDSM accessories to tease and torment your pet. Your masochist will just get harder as you laugh at him! Attach weights, a leash, or other BDSM accessories to the D-ring at the end to fully customize the experience.

Product Features:

  • 5 graduated restriction rings
  • Stainless steel
  • Largest ring is for cock and balls
  • Cleans easily 
  • Durable

Product Details:

  • Weight (Product): 108 g (3.83 oz)
  • Total Length (Product): 114 mm (4.5")
  • Diameter (Ring 1): 50 mm (2")
  • Diameter (Ring 2-4): 38 mm (1.5")
  • Diameter (Ring 5): 32 mm (1.25")
  • Weight (Include Package): 139 g (4.9 oz)
  • Height (Package): 110 mm (4.3")
  • Width (Package): 95 mm (3.7")
  • Thickness (Package): 55 mm (2.2")
  • Material: Nickel plated steel, leather 
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