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Screaming O


Screaming O ColorPop Quickie Two O Dual Cockring

Screaming O ColorPop Quickie Two O Dual Cockring

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The ColorPoP Quickie Two-O vibrating ring features two super-powered, super-bright mini motors attached to a super-stretchy and comfortable ring that gives couples simultaneous stimulation for more satisfying sex. Simply stretch the ring around the shaft and testicles with the motors positioned above and below to ensure perfect placement. Some men enjoy wearing the ColorPoP Two-O just around the shaft with the bottom motor between the shaft and testicles – try both ways and see which you like best! The top motor is designed to vibrate against the cli-toris each time his body makes contact with hers, giving her essential oral stimulation that can help sexual satisfactions come easier. The bottom motor buzzes against his testicles for a pleasant sensation that many men love, and when both are switched “on” at the same time, the motors vibrate together with extra-intense vibration that can boost the experience for both partners. The ColorPoP Two-O double-pleasure vibrating ring is an easy and affordable way to enhance your sex life, and when the batteries run out, simply toss this disposable design away and leave the evidence behind!

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