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Prowler Red


Prowler RED - Cross Harness - Black - Large/XLarge

Prowler RED - Cross Harness - Black - Large/XLarge

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When it comes to fetish play, the fucking is unsurprisingly the best part, but before you get to that point you really need to set the mood. You can do this with toys and accessories, as well as sexy clothing. The Prowler RED Leather Cross Harness is a piece of attire that belongs in every fetish enthusiasts’ wardrobe.

The sub/dom role-play is a classic and you can go as far as you want with it! The cross harness certainly fits into this genre as it exudes a sense of masculinity, as well as the idea of being strapped down. The straps are made from premium leather and they sit firmly across your shoulders.

The cross straps cover your chest and contain studs that add a sexy and masculine detail. The cross theme extends to the back, with the leather straps holding the harness securely. We know that fetish role-play isn’t exactly pain-free (that’s why we like it!) but we want to make sure that you feel comfortable in any outfit you don. The metal buckle straps are adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your body.

As soon as your playmate sees you wearing the Prowler RED Leather Cross Harness, they will conjure up the dirtiest thoughts imaginable. The great thing about this harness is that it can be used as part of a role-play in your sex dungeon, but it can also be a great look when heading to your favourite fetish club.

The harness shows off your strong shoulders and back, as well as your ripped chest and sculpted abs. If you’re looking to hook up, then wearing this Prowler RED creation will certainly get you the attention you desire.

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