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Pipe - Hemper - Glass Blunt

Pipe - Hemper - Glass Blunt

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Here by popular demand, the HEMPER Glass blunt!

Inspired by our collaboration with Madzilla for the HEMPER "Color Me Mad" collaboration, we decided to pay tribute to her affection for blunts.

Simply fill the chamber with your desired amount of herb, and push the mouthpiece forward as it burns down to ash. The HEMPER Glass Blunt features a wide mouthpiece with built-in notches to prevent any ash from pulling back.

There are many benefits to a glass blunt but the main advantage has to be the ability to pack as much as you want while being able to save what you don't use for later! Convenient for any sized sesh!


  • 4" inches long
  • Rubber grommet joint
  • External notches to prevent rolling
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