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Master Series - Tied Up Ultra Premium Braided Jute Rope 50 Ft

Master Series - Tied Up Ultra Premium Braided Jute Rope 50 Ft

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This braided jute rope has a smoother feel than twisted rope and keeps its form better. With less tendency to stretch, you can count on your knots and ties staying in place without slipping. As a plus, the ends of each strand are sealed with a metal cap so they won't unfurl or unravel. Jute is strong, long lasting and has its own unique texture and smell. Its earthy scent and slightly rough, stimulating fibers can be pleasing to the nose and skin, creating an unparalleled rope bondage experience. As you practice shibari or kinbaku rope ties, the rope softens the more you use it and takes on the oil from your body and hands. Jute is similar to hemp and is a highly personal type of rope that some consider more intimate than synthetic fibers. This coreless, braided jute rope is less likely to slip than nylon or silk ropes and is far more durable so it won't break as easily. Jute is one of the premium choices for riggers doing bondage suspension and a classic choice for rope enthusiasts!

The feel of the braided rope against your skin sends chills down your spine. It isn't as rough as the twisted rope; the braids give it a smoother feel, but it still rubs you the right way. As it crosses against your skin you smell the earthy scent of the jute and breathe it in. Every memory of being tied up floods your brain and you begin to relax into the hands of your capable rope Top. They run the length of the rope through their hands, unkinking any knots and checking to make sure nothing has been caught up in the fibers that would scratch or harm you. A pair of safety shears is nearby so they can free you in case of an emergency. Each tie of the rope, every knot, adds tension and pressure and you are forced to be in your body, breathing deeply and surrendering. As they pull the rope through the final knot they give it a tug, making sure it's secure, and then use the rope to pull you into their arms.

Measurements: Overall length: 50ft. Rope width: 6mm

Materials: Jute, metal

Color: Brown (undyed)
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