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Georgina - Coco

Georgina - Coco

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Materials: clay, engobe, glaze

H 12", W 6", D 7"

From the Artist
A unique handmade artwork ceramic figurine, "Coco" belongs to the series of small, original sculptures with fully-formed facial expressions. This particular series I've entitled "My Inner Lodgers". For each of my figurines there is a background story of sorts.
This is my version of the story at least. What I would really love though is that those who might like or buy my sculptures, would come up with a story of your own. You can even change the name of these figures if you want to. Or not, and instead simply enjoy them as they are.

Just a final note: this particular technique – ceramics - is completely unpredictable. So due to its nature, and the way the items are made, one can never tell the final result with certainty. You couldn’t, even if you wanted to, get two exactly same figures. Each one is totally unique.

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