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English Premium


English Premium Gold 30ml

English Premium Gold 30ml

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English Premium Poppers are from the good ol’ U.K.  Nothing gets by the Brits, they make poppers to rival any American Poppers bar none, and this one sure proves it!

There are only so many opportunities in life to experience the highest levels of pleasure. Walking on the wilder side of aromatherapy can give you one to remember for a lifetime. If you want to enjoy the enticement of a tried-and-true classic, let English Premium Poppers provide an instant rush of pure, surging English power from the moment the classic room aroma fills the air. These are quite simply the “dogs bollocks” of any European brand (as Brits would say) which simply put means they totally ROCK Man!  They are in a league of there own, hence the Gold Premium Label. This one is quite literally English Poppers on steroids or another way of saying it is “quite simply magic in a bottle” that just keeps on giving and giving!  Yes, English Premium Poppers not only have a special potency to them but the duration factor, in literal spades.  This is strong but it’s likely going to be one of the longest lasting with the best effect, you will want to come back for time and again.

English Premium Poppers large bottle can go a VERY long way and, we’ve found, that it doesn’t lose it’s strength over time. We would not recommend holding onto it for months, but it will last and hold it’s potency for a good amount of time.  It is no wonder this one is highly sort after as one of those special edition type poppers.  It’s instantly become one of our favorites. These move are not easy to come by and often go out of stock due to how special they actually are.

If you haven’t tried English Premium Poppers before, do it now.  The Brits know how to make the best and the right product.

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