Triple Play Cock Ring

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SKU: BY10000

$ 15.35


  • Extra Thick and Comfortable
  • Strong & Stretchy TPE
  • Multi - Color 3 Pack
  • No-Roll Design
  • Thick Girth for Powerful Erection
  • Inner Diameter .7” (18mm) 
  • Outer Diameter 1.75” (44mm)


    Extra thick and comfortable the D-Ring X3 contains the 3 perfect size donut rings.  Each pack contains black, clear, and smoke colored rings.  These rings can be worn around cock, balls or both.  They are made of super strong and stretchy TPE and are phthalate free.  The D-Ring X3 are soft, stretchy, easy to get on, and help you keep a firm and hard erection.

    Care Instructions:
    This product is safe with all lubricants. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water or toy cleaner.  Pat dry and allow product to completely air dry.  Store separately.

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