Collection: Matthew Gilliard - Circus Of Books

Matthew Gilliard is a Miami based artist and designer. His main focus and style of art is inspired from well-known artist, Tom of Finland. Matt graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelors of Architecture and currently works for an architecture firm. For Matt, art has been an important aspect of his life from a youth age. Before being inspired by Tom of Finland’s work, his main focus and style of art was architecture. Fascinated with every detail that goes into designing a building.  

Matt wanted to expand his abilities beyond architecture. He started working on a collection of sketches, all based around the male form. Trying to capture the essence of the person he was sketching, as he has been able to do for so long in his architectural sketches.

This collection below, entitled Nude Beach, was inspired by my trip to Haulover Beach earlier this year. I wanted to highlight all the different ways I noticed the men interacting with the natural elements of the beach. Decided to use watercolor for this collection because I felt that it helped convey that interaction of man and beach so beautifully. With that here’s my Nude Beach collection. Hope that it transports you from wherever you are currently to Haulover Beach with these sexy men.