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4 Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making

Who doesn’t love sex? Especially great sex. However, great sex often doesn’t happen overnight. In order to have a satisfying sex life, you just need some confidence in your ability, and to avoid these four sex mistakes: 

Not Prepping Properly

Regardless if you’re having sex with someone regularly, or if you’re having sex with someone for the first time, don’t skip the prep beforehand.  There is no bigger turn off than poor hygiene, and although you might not always have time to shower before a spontaneous hookup, always keep the essentials with you in case things heat up unexpectedly. Some essentials you should always keep in your car or your travel bag are condoms, dental dams, wet wipes, deodorant, single-use massage oil, and any added enhancers like Viagra pills, or water-based lubricant. Having these products on hand will keep you ready in case of any sex-related emergencies.   

Forgetting The Foreplay

For some, sex doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts with stimulating the brain through foreplay. Foreplay is extremely beneficial for you and your partner, so don’t skip it! It provides the opportunity to get to know what you and your partner need to achieve an orgasm and also helps create a build-up of lust. Sending sexy messages or photos throughout the day, or even leaving a racy sticky note on their nightstand will leave them wanting more, and excited to see you later. You can even incorporate your favorite toys during your foreplay sessions like anal toys or vibrators. Remember, take your time to explore each other’s bodies, and don’t ignore the foreplay.

Forgetting To Communicate

Communication is an essential part of intimacy, and if you want to make sure you and your partner have a pleasurable time, then you have to start communicating! Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so if you’re uncomfortable with a certain sexual act or want to change things up,  you have to be honest with your needs and wants. The only way to improve in your sex life is to openly discuss what excites you vs what isn’t for you. Communication is also important because it allows you to establish boundaries without judgment. Practicing better sexual communication can keep the spark alive, and keep you excited to learn more. 

Sticking To The Same-Sex Routine

Sex is a fun and liberating experience but it can get mundane if you aren’t careful. Like most things in life, humans tend to fall into a routine that feels familiar and safe, and sex is no different. However, keeping your sex routine fresh can be beneficial because as you change so do your sexual needs. Ask your partner if they have any sexual fantasies you can incorporate in the bedroom, and be open to experimenting. Try having sex in a new part of your house or trying a new sex position, although these are simple changes they can make a world of difference in the long run.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and don’t let the pressure of sex get to you. Regardless of how many mistakes you might make in the bedroom, don’t forget to have fun and wear protection!

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