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All Worlds Video


Wild Castle

Wild Castle

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Chose Armando, Collin Richardson, Dion Davydov, Drago Lembeck, Franco Gregorio, John Cruise, Justin Corner, Leo Cooper, Michael Key, Alexander Manchini, Philip Richmond, Richter Paulo, Robbie Master, Ronnie Wilson, and Tom Hawai

If the walls of this castle could talk, they would have some hot stories to tell!

Michael Key, the master of the house invites his friends John Cruise, Tom Hawai and Leo Cooper over for dinner, but they seem far more interested in Michael’s manservant Chose Armando. Before long it’s Chose being served up naked on the table and the men are devouring one another’s rock hard cocks. After sucking and blowing their first loads of cum, Michael and Tom bend over to let the rest of the guys take turns slamming their cocks up their hot muscular asses.

Justin Corner and Richter Paulo decide to warm up by the fire, but when things start to get a little warm their clothes come off and the real fun begins. These two smooth boys take turns worshiping one another’s cocks and then passionately fuck one another until they are both covered in cum.

Drago Lembeck and Ronnie Wilson are a couple of security guards hired to watch the castle and they are having a quite night until they catch Robbie Masters trying to break in. The two throw him in the cellar, but when they get horny they come up with a much better “Punishment” for him. After stripping Robbie down and making him suck both of their cocks the two guards take turns fucking Robbie’s hot little ass.

When things have settled down in the castle and everyone has gone to bed two ghosts, Collin Richardson and Dion Davydov, wander the house and eventually find a place where they can fool around. When they catch Alexander Manchini watching them in action though, the let him join the fun and take turns fucking his ass.

The next day two butlers clean up the mess around the house, but not without taking a break to have a little fun of their own. Philip Richmond and Franco Gregorio take turns servicing one another and then Franco drills Philip’s hot little ass until they both shoot loads.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, International, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group, and Jock

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