The Best Of Times

SKU: AW11488-DVD

$ 29.95 $ 59.95

STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Mike Lamont

CAST: Greg Dale, Michael Wayne, Chaz Holderman, Dane Ford, Jeff Bentley, Nick Carrington, Tex Anthony, Kurt Fox, and Matthew Wilde

What happends when a sex starved photographer gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shoot some of the finest, man-hungry male models around? Just about everything. You'll be aroused by these tempting and tantalizing, sturdy young lads as they reveal their hottest fantasies and watch as they 'cum' to life. It's exciting, non-stop, man-to-man action that'll have your mouth watering and your eyes yearning for more!

KEYWORDS: Solo, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Caucasian, Posing, Young, and Jock

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