The 9 Warm Drip Candles 4pk - Jet Black

SKU: ZIC-2325-2

$ 12.95 $ 13.93
  • Super erotic and sensual, the Icon Brands Make Me Melt Sensual Warm Drip Candles is the perfect bedroom treat to enjoy with your partner any time the mood strikes.
  • Including 4 individual wax-play candles, a sexy yet sharp tinge of heat will be experienced every single time wax drips onto your skin, quickly becoming comfortably warm to the touch for a truly erotic, visually-pleasing experience guaranteed to spice up your sex life and transform your foreplay.
  • Featuring a sizzling shade of naughty black certain to magnify their appearance and effect, these Icon Brands Make Me Melt Sensual Warm Drop Candles are available in a convenient 4-pack.

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