Tailz - Vibrating Silicone Pony Tail - Rainbow


$ 70.95 $ 81.59

The pony tail butt plug is a fun and powerful accessory that is as colorful as it is beautiful to touch and feel, perfectly swishing against yourself or your partner. Feeling soft, delicate lengths of sensual color dance between your thighs and across your body as you dance, prance or make love. And that is powerful enough, but the 3.5 inches of flexible spade shaped plug gives the whole experience a complete edge, enhancing stimulation and intercourse and aiding in galactic climaxes!

Sexual play should be fun, and the pony tail butt plug brings plenty of potential fun, as well as a great introduction to the power and potency of anal stimulation, for those who may not have tried it before. The user-friendly plug has sensible dimensions, is soft and flexible silicone, and has a flared base to assist in retention and making sure it doesn’t travel further than is intended.

It’s a visual treat for your audience or partner, to see, then feel the tail as it brushes against them, maybe as they mount you from behind, exciting every animal instinct in both partners, it is a must to try a tail on each during love play. Actually, the intensity from internal and visual stimulation is almost too much.

Your pony tail butt plug needs little maintenance and is easy to keep clean and hygienic. The 2o inches of proud rainbow colors can be brushed, but not styled.

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