Strict - Extreme Sling and Swing Stand


$ 747.95
Quick and simple to assemble with no worries about possible damage to walls, doors or ceilings, Strict's high end Extreme Sling and Stand supports up to 300 pounds of particularly devious play.

Secured to hardy metal crossbars up top, built-in rings connect to included chains and carabiners suspending a luxury leather lined sling padded for ultimate comfort. Hardy stirrups clip to the straps- they'll support the legs in a number of accommodating (to a partner) positions, plus, there's lots of room for gripping and grabbing 

The Extreme Sling is compatible with many standard sex swings and slings that might normally require a ceiling mount. Check manufacturer instructions first and always follow safety recommendations. Includes stand, 4 chains, 8 spring snap clips, sling, and 2 removable stirrups. 4 rings are welded to the stand, as well. 

*Assembled stand is approximately 82 inches (208cm) tall with a footprint of 85 x 58 inches (215.9 x 147.3cm)  at the base. Sling is 38 inches (96cm) in length, 21 inches (53cm) in width.

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