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All Worlds Video


Straight White Male

Straight White Male

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Brandon Small, J.J. Bond, Logan Reed, Mason Jarr, Mical Kase, Nick Yeager, and T.J. Hart

Hairy hung Nick Yeager and his smooth skinned boyfriend Mical Kase are naked and eagerly going at it. Nick blows Mical, eats his ass and then the two horny studs jack off. After the sex is over though it seems that there is something lacking in their relationship… Nick won’t bottom for Mical and it’s starting to cause problems.

Nick decides its time to move out, and with the help of his friend Logan Reed, he finds a roommate. The only catch is that in the classified ad the guy specifically says he’s looking for a straight roommate. Nick says he can pull it off, even though Logan is doubtful. A few weeks later though things are going smoothly. Nick says that his new roommate, Mason Jarr hardly notices him around, especially since he’s always with his blond girlfriend TJ Hart.

In Mason’s bedroom TJ gets him all worked up, but shes starting something that she can’t finish because she is late for work. She takes off and leaves Mason to jack off by himself… In the next room, Nick, who is horny thinking about his hunky roommate going at it, jacks off too.

Mason and Nick’s neighbors, Brandon Small and JJ Bond are curious about what all the two hot straight guys next door could be up to. Brandon gets horny just looking at them and it inspires him to suck off his boyfriend in the kitchen. Brandon drops to his knees to eagerly suck JJ’s big cock and has no problem taking every inch of it down his throat. JJ throws Brandon up on the counter and fills his hot muscle butt with his cock and doesn’t stop pounding until he’s ready to cum.

Logan Reed goes over to check in and see how Mical is doing. Mical says that he’s over Nick and wants a man who will actually let him fuck him. He leans over and begins kissing Logan who is more than receptive to the idea of getting fucked. After sucking and rimming Mical, Logan gets on his hands and knees to let the stud fuck his hot hairy ass.

Mical finds out where Nick is living from Logan, thinking that his new roommate is someone he’s dating. When he goes to Nick’s new place, Mical outs him to Mason. Mason plays along and pretends to be Nick’s boyfriend and tells Mical to get the fuck out of their house. With everything out in the open between them, Mason confesses that he likes Nick a lot better than any of the straight guys he’s lived with and he’s willing to try something new. The two begin making out on the sofa and before long Mason lets Nick burry his face between his legs so he can suck his dick. The action moves to the bedroom where the roommates 69 on the bed and Nick lets Mason fuck his ass hard and deep. After the two studs splatter their cum they end up in bed together and it looks like the start of something good for the two roommates.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Solo, Fetish, Straight, Muscle, Blow Job, Masturbation, Underwear, Hairy, and Jock

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