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Sensuelle Point Plus - Tiffany Blue

Sensuelle Point Plus - Tiffany Blue

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The NU Sensuelle Point Plus Bullet vibrator is a small, yet powerful bullet vibrator. It knows how to caress your intimate parts better than any other. The silky finish of this compact bullet vibrator feels smooth to the touch and the vibrations are very easy to operate. The bullet vibrator has two buttons with which you can easily switch between the various settings. Wth its 20 vibration settings, the Point Plus Bullet is indispensable in your toy collection.

The intensity is high and is perfect for pinpoint stimulation.A bullet vibrator is ideal for stimulating the clitoris or nipples, for example. You can switch on the Point Plus vibrator by pressing one of the two buttons. By pressing the same button, you can switch between the settings. The other button is used to set the intensity. Two attachments are supplied for extra stimulation, one is ribbed and the other is studded. The NU Sensuelle Point Plus vibrator comes with a practical toy bag so you can safely store the bullet vibrator. This way it stays clean and dust-free. The Point Plus Vibrator can be cleaned with toy cleaner and lukewarm water after use.

The bullet is also suitable for use in the shower or in the bath, as it is waterproof. The bullet vibrator is charged by placing it in the docking station. When you have attached it to the docking station, you will hear a click. Do not continue to push it in as this can damage the vibrator and the docking station.

There is a light on the front of the charging point. If the light is red, it means that the bullet vibrator is charging. If the light is green, the bullet vibrator is fully charged.

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