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Scared Stiff 2 with Some Things Cum Up! FREE

Scared Stiff 2 with Some Things Cum Up! FREE

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Prepare yourself for another fright-fest turned sex-fest with the latest installment of NakedSword Originals’ award-winning franchise. In “Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore,” A-list newlyweds Calvin Banks and Dante Colle enlist realtor-to-the-stars, Falcon Exclusive Josh Moore, to help them find their dream home. Known to have access to the best properties (and one of the biggest dicks in the business), Josh shows them the gorgeous Amityville Mansion. Surprisingly, the spacious estate is in their price range... so what’s the catch? Is it bad plumbing? Termites? Or something much more sinister? The hilarious and deranged writer, Jackie Beat, and sensational co-director duo of Chi Chi LaRue and Mr. Pam, take you on a spooky journey into a mansion haunted by a demented, sex-crazed queen and her slaughtered employees. When Josh Moore shows Calvin Banks and Dante Colle the gorgeous Amityville Mansion, they all end up upstairs in the bedroom making sure Josh gets his hard-earned commission. Falcon Exclusive Cade Maddox explores his gay desires behind his wife’s back with surfer dude, Taylor Reign, in the infamous red room. Desperate to rid their house of demons, Dante and Calvin seek the help of Father Adam Ramzi only to get bent over and fucked in their ass raw and fucked out of a thousand bucks. In another attempt to live peacefully, the couple calls ghost hunters Drew Dixon and Colby Tucker who find themselves fucking raw in the creepy attic after being overcome by the home’s demon. The gardener, Brock Banks, is summoned into the house by The Pig, Link Parker, and they share an intense, spiral staircase, bareback fuck session before the house laughs maniacally and Link disappears into thin air. Who are the inhabitants of this spooked mansion? What dark energy is driving all this supernatural raw sex? Sit back, grab yourself and find out in “Scared Stiff 2: Amityville Whore.”

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