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All Worlds Video


Party Mix

Party Mix

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Doug Jeffries

CAST: Max Grand, Aaron Parker, Aaron Tanner, Antonio Montez, Enrico Vega, Jay Ross, and Tom Lynx

Director Doug Jeffries mixes it up and serves it hot in this Latino & White guy interracial fuck flick.

The video starts off with chat room slut, AARON TANNER, looking for hot Latin man cock. Bummed out, he and his buddy, AARON PARKER are disappointed that they can't find any cock online. His buddy goes to take a nap.

The camera cuts to MAX GRAND spitting into JAY ROSS'S bunghole. Jay is on top of the table blind folded, in jock strap and licking water out of a pan. Max puts some cereal in the bowl for his pig slave to eat. Max puts on rubber gloves and lubes up Jay's asshole. He sticks a wooden spoon up his ass then has Jay mouth service his stiff, uncut cock. Max chows down and butt munches Jay's hole to get it ready for some ass pumping. Both studs unleash their man juice.

Aaron wakes to find TOM LYNX sitting next to him. The big man, Lynx, pulls up Aaron and the two kiss deeply. Tom shoves Aaron's face in his armpit for some licking. Aaron is forced to his knees and is force fed Tom's thick prick. Tom dives tongue first into Aaron's love pucker before the finger fuck. Tom humps Aaron doggy style, which makes Aaron drip lots of pre-cum. The guys pop a nut.

Mean while, Mr. Tanner is stroking off and fucking himself with a big butt plug while watching ENRICO VEGA getting off on the web. He can't have enough so he sits on a huge dildo to put on a show for Enrico. The two climax.

As Aaron Parker is getting ready to leave, his pal Aaron Tanner brings on in Enrico and ANTONIO MONTEZ. The two white studs go right for the hard, uncut Latin meat. They shove the thick cocks all the way down their throats and tease the foreskin with their wet lips. Antonio then goes down on Parker while Parker sucks off Tanner while Tanner blows Enrico. The two Latin studs then do a duo rimming on the two white boys. The guys go back and forth between sucking cock and eating ass. Then Aaron Parker plays with Enrico's mouth with a glow stick. Enrico pops on a rubber glove. Enrico and Parker play with the two butt holes. The two Latin studs mount the hungry bottoms and fuck doggy style over a garbage can. The four shoot their loads on top of the garbage can. Hot and damn sexy!

KEYWORDS: Interracial, Solo, Toys, Daddies, Blow Job, Masturbation, Docking, J/O, Armpits, Group, Hairy, Dildo, and Jock

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