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All Worlds Video


Our Trespasses

Our Trespasses

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Mike Donner

CAST: Blue Blake, Chase Allen, Drew Andrews, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Jeanna Fine, Scott Baldwin, Sky Thompson, and Jordan Young

Chicago 1977: Scott Baldwin and his boyfriend Drew Andrews stop outside a Catholic Church so that Drew can go in for confession. Scott challenges Drew saying that he’s not being entirely honest with the Priest when he is confessing his “sins”. Drew admits that he’s torn over his feelings for Scott and his loyalty to the Church. Scott leans in to give Drew a kiss that leads to the couple stripping down and caressing each other’s bodies in the car until they both shoot their loads. Afterwards they exchange necklaces, Drew giving Scott his cross and Scott giving Drew his silver chain with the Star of David.

A few months later, Drew leaves Scott, saying that he can’t help but follow his calling from the Church. In his note he says he will contact Scott after he’s settled in at the seminary.

One year later at Saint David’s Seminary, Ethan Michael Ayers is working in a laundry room when Jordan Young walks in. Ethan surprises Jordan with a kiss, asking him if anyone saw him come in. Jordan says no and they begin to make out passionately as the strip one another down. As they are servicing one another, Drew catches them in the act and he is shocked by what he sees. Unaware that they are being watched, Ethan fucks Jordan until they are both spent. Only the slamming of the door as Drew leaves makes them aware that they were caught in the act.

19 years later, Drew is a priest. While sitting at his desk, Drew pulls out the necklace that Scott gave him 20 years ago. While he is looking at it, a young man comes to see him. Drew is shocked because the young man looks just like is lover Scott from so many years ago. The young man says that he’s in need of some guidance and when he leans towards Drew a cross that he is wearing slips out of his shirt. Drew recognizes the cross immediately and the young man says that it was a gift that his dad had given him. Drew begins to lecture the young man about taking responsibility for his actions, but he’s not having any of it and takes off.

Realizing the mistake he’s made, Drew follows after the young man and ends up in a sex club where Blue Blake is whipping a chained up Chase Allen and they are joined by Sky Johnson in a leather three-way. Blue orders Drew to join them, but when he realizes that Drew is a Catholic Priest he immediately begins to mock him. Scott’s son sees this and accuses Drew of being a complete hypocrite. In the sex club, the leather orgy continues with daddy Blue calling the shots and ordering Chase and Sky around.

Back at the church, Scott’s son shows up to talk to Drew and asks him why he wanted to know about his father. Drew admits to Scott’s son that his father was his lover back in the 70’s. In a flashback we see how Drew and Scott were indeed lovers in the passionate conclusion of the story.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Fetish, Bondage, Daddies, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Hairy, and Jock

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