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All Worlds Video


More Of A Man

More Of A Man

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Jerry Douglas

CAST: Butch Taylor, Chris McKenzie, Joey Stefano, Lon Flexx, Michael Parks, Michael Henson, Rick Donovan, and Sharon Kane

A coming out story, told only as Jerry Douglas can tell it. Winner of four GAYVN Awards including Best Gay Video, Best Screenplay, Best Actor – Joey Stefano and Best Non-Sexual Performance - Chi Chi LaRue

Joey Stefano is a young man struggling with his sexuality. After praying for help to make his urges go away, he heads to a bus station bathroom where a glory hole tempts him. Joey and Michael Parks take turns sucking each other through a glory hole. Joey’s tearoom trick tries to talk him into going home with him, but it’s no deal for Joey. Instead he just fucks his trick’s ass through the hole and then gives up his hole for a pounding.

Afterwards Joey heads to a bar for a drink and runs into Chi Chi LaRue who is working on a number for an audition. He also meets Michael Henson, a new bartender who he’s instantly attracted to. Before Joey can make a move, Michael is getting off work and headed home for an “anniversary” celebration.

At home Michael and his lover Butch Taylor have a passionate night of sex. When a phone call takes Butch away from the bedroom, Michael follows him into the kitchen. Michael is still hungry for more and pushes Butch down on the tile floor so he can fuck his ass. After the sex is over, it becomes apparent that things are less than perfect in their relationship.

Joey is still struggling with things, and decides to go get a tattoo to prove his manhood. Tattoo artist Rick Donovan talks about how giving tattoos turns him on. He adds that he can tell how good the tattoo is going to be by how hard he gets. Rick strips down and starts playing with his enormous cock. Joey quickly follows his lead and gets turned on looking at Rick’s big piece of meat. Once they are hard, Rick gives Joey his tattoo. By the time it’s over they are both completely turned on and Joey sucks big Rick off in the tattoo parlor’s back room.

Still struggling with his sexuality, Joey picks up a hooker, but the entire time he is with her he is fantasizing about Michael sucking him off in his truck. Joey buries his face in the hooker’s lap but all he is thinking about is sucking Michael’s cock.

Chi Chi gets a big break and has a gig performing at a night club in West Hollywood. He insists that Joey comes to his opening night. Hesitantly Joey heads to the gay bar to see his friend perform. Chi Chi dedicates his opening number to Joey.

After the show is over things really start to heat up at the bar. Two of the patrons, Lon Flexx and Chris McKenzie, start going at it in front of a crowd of on lookers. The guy’s aren’t shy at all about stripping down and sucking each other off. They crawl up on the bar and start fucking for everyone to see. Joey can’t help but get turned on and when they catch him in the act they pull him into a three-way for everyone at the bar to see. Lon and Chris take turns fucking Joey over the bar and on the floor until they have all shot their loads.

Joey comes to terms with his sexuality and meets up with his bartender crush Michael at the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade. The two get the happy ending they deserve and have sex inside a float as it motors down Santa Monica Blvd. during the annual parade.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Twinks, Solo, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Anal, Masturbation, Underwear, Caucasian, Posing, Hairy, Tattoos, and Jock

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