Jeremy Kost - It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

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It's Always Darkest Before Dawn by Jeremy Kost

80 pages
11.25 x 14.25 in
over 100 four-color photographs
With Texts by Eric C. Shiner, and Ladyfag

Book Synopsis
For nearly a decade, through his enigmatic and compelling Polaroids, Jeremy Kost has been telling the stories of New York’s nights from within its hottest party spots. An outsider on the inside track, Kost is both a reveler and a documentarian, striding deep into the darkest corners of the nightlife and emerging with beautiful images of the chaos, energy, and excitement found there. Kost has been the sole photographer to capture a complete millennial portrait of New York’s famed drag queens, go-go boys, transsexuals, and wild-partying celebrities.

It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn is Kost’s first monograph and collects the best, most outstanding recent images of New York’s current club culture. Using a combination of in-the-moment, close-up club pics, and meticulously staged and assembled Polaroid collages of his subjects out in the big, bad world, Kost bridges the gap between party and performance, and finds a unique perspective on the carefully constructed identities of those New Yorkers who live for the night.

An exhilarating trip through underground New York, It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn puts you on the guest list for a world of vivacious creativity, performance, and costume, and presents evidence (if you needed it) that a certain kind of fabulous madness ain’t dead yet, and was around way before Lady Gaga!

About the Artist
Jeremy Kost has been a tireless chronicler of gender, sexuality, and nightlife for more than 15 years. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, he now lives and works between Los Angeles and New York City. Traveling the world to make images, whether they’re of male models in the Californian desert or drag queens strutting through Pittsburgh, is a nonstop pursuit.  Kost is strongly influenced by Warhol in both his choice of subjects and technique. Extending the creative potential of Warhol’s favorite tools, Kost makes use of the Polaroid camera, silkscreen processes, and textured paintwork. He might bejewel his Polaroids with oil paint, use them as the basis for silkscreen paintings, or amass them together in elaborate, multilayered photo-collages. 

Kost’s work is included in multiple private and public collections across the globe, including LACMA, Museo Jumex, MoCA Los Angeles, MFA Houston, The Studio Museum Harlem, The Nerman Museum, and many more. He has exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, Galerie Nuke, Paris, and Galerie Charlotte Moser in Geneva. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions including State of the Art – New Contemporary Photography, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf, Germany; Dress Codes, International Center of Photography Triennial of Photography and Video, New York, NY and many others. 

His bibliography includes It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn, a monograph published (2011) by powerHouse, Fractured, published by Damiani (2014), and Like One Of Your French Girls, his first self published effort (2017).

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