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Jarhead 2

Jarhead 2

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STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Sledge Sawyer, Arpad Miklos, Brian Austin, Eric Hunter, Jonathan West, Keith, Kevin Brown, Kyle Lewis, Stetson Gable, Tiger, Larry, Bryan DiPardo, Naus Bianchi, Jay Lopez, David, and Little Jake

All Worlds Exclusive Kevin Brown tells the story of how he went from being in the Marines to joining All Worlds Exclusives Jonathan West and Stetson Gable.

It all started one night when Kevin was out drinking and met porn stars Kyle Lewis and Arpad Miklos. Kyle and Arpad were cruising to pick up a Marine to take home. Arpad and Kyle wasted no time getting Kevin naked so they could have their fun with him, but as he sobered up, Kevin got nervous and bailed on the two pros, leaving them to have sex on their own.

Even though he chickened out, Kevin knew that plenty of Marines fucked around with other guys, especially when they were on deployment and girls weren’t around. His buddy David even told him about a time in Iraq when he got into a four way suck fest with Keith, Brian Austin and Larry who were in his battalion. Larry ended up letting the guys tag team his ass.

Kevin talks about how everyone was doing it, even his straight buddy Jonathan who ended up at a naked pool party with Stetson, Eric and Sledge. Sledge and Eric ended up blowing Jonathan and Stetson and then Sledge got to fuck Eric until they all shot their loads all over him.

Meanwhile, Kevin says he heard that Kyle and Arpad finally found a Marine to fuck around with, Sgt. Tiger no less. Things don’t go quite as planned when it turns out Tiger is not a bottom, but that doesn’t keep Kyle from having a good time as he eagerly takes on both Arpad’s and Tiger’s big cocks.

Curiosity finally gets the best of Kevin though and he heads out to a bar where he knows he can get some action. He ends up in a game of strip pool where everyone ends up naked and getting into a hot five way with sexy bartender Jay Lopez and Marines Brian, Naus and Jake.

KEYWORDS: Military, Solo, Fetish, Black, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Uniforms, Caucasian, Posing, Group, and Jock

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