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All Worlds Video


I'm Gettin' Pissed

I'm Gettin' Pissed

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Alessio Romero, Alex Leon, Billy Cochran, Cole Ryder, Dayton O'Connor, Derrick Hanson, Joe Strong, Johnny Hazzard, Luca DiCorso, Mike Power, Rod Barry, Shane Rollins, Steve Cannon, Anthony Spell, Raphael, Nikolai Radov, Patrik Ekberg, and Andi Nickel

From deep within the annals of the Channel 1 vault comes the wettest, most thirst quenching piss play movie of all time. Legendary Rascal Exclusive Johnny Hazzard and Luca DiCorso lead an all-star cast in this delicious, piss drenched, water sport extravaganza that will have you screaming “I’m Gettin’ Pissed”.

KEYWORDS: Fetish, Muscle, Watersports, and Jock

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