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All Worlds Video


Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Doug Jeffries, Jay Anthony, Jim Buck, Kevin Gold, Rod Barry, Sam Dixon, and Tony Idol

Four of Kevin Gold’s ex’s show up for the reading of his will, but if they want to get their hands on his rich’s they are going to have to prove just how badly they want it. Gold has said that the guys will only get their share if they agree to fuck one another first.

Sam Dixon and Rod Barry aren’t too sure about the idea of performing for Gold’s cold hard cash, but Rod knows exactly how to loosen Sam up. What starts as a message quickly turns into a lot of dick sucking and before long Sam’s legs are over Rod’s shoulders and the two a going for the gold.

Later that night all of the men in the house have one thing on their mind as they sleep, being with Kevin Gold one more time. In their dreams they see Kevin jacking his cock and flexing his perfectly sculpted body.

The next day Jim Buck decides that he’s more interested in Kevin’s new houseboy, Tony Idol.  Jim orders the obedient houseboy to drop to his knees to service his rock hard cock. Sam, Jay and Rod all walk in on the action and quickly join in while Tony eagerly sucks every cock that is put in front of his face. In the end all four of the money hungry studs blow their loads on Tony’s lean muscled body.

Jim Buck and Jay Anthony are still bitter over the fact that Kevin still wants the two of them to fuck in order to get their piece of his estate. The two get into a fight over who loved him more and in the heat of the moment they begin to make out and release a frenzy of passion that doesn’t end until they have fucked one another.

In the end it turns out that the whole reading of the will was just a ruse to test Kevin’s gold digging boyfriends to see if they were only in it for the money. Once they have been exposed Kevin shares his wealth, and then some, with his trusty butler Doug Jeffries and houseboy Tony Idol.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Twinks, Solo, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Underwear, Caucasian, J/O, Group, Hairy, Tattoos, and Jock

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