Full Load

SKU: CV03033-DVD

$ 29.95 $ 59.95

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: John Travis

CAST: David Diamani, Dirk Matthews, Doug Niles, Jim Pulver, Mark Donovan, Nick Russell, Mike Henson, Ray Stockwell, Rex Morgan, and Sparky O'Toole

Tall, Dark, and Handsome Ray Stockwell stars in this tale of truck drivers and the blue-collar buds that love 'em!  From rest stop T-rooms, to the seedy roadside motels, to the loading docks, wherever there is a willing hole, these guys will plug it.  Mike Henson guest stars in this John Travis feature.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Pre Condom, Daddies, Muscle, Blow Job, and Jock

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