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Rascal Video




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STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Tyler Saint, CJ Madison, Blake Riley, Cort Donovan, Eddie Diaz, Erik West, JT Ross, Jude Collin, Nathan Sommers, Riley Burke, Turk Mason, and Tyler Riggz

The one and only Chi Chi LaRue delivers a deliciously decadent tale of scorching hot men having sizzling sex in a breathtaking world of total EXCESS!   

Stunning Rascal Exclusive and 2008 GAYVN Best Newcomer winner Blake Riley arrives at an exclusive resort hideaway in his shiny black Porsche. He is greeted by the muscular Tyler Saint who quickly escorts him to his stylishly decorated luxury bedroom suite. While taking his afternoon nap sexy Cort Donovan and studly Turk Mason catch sight of the sleeping Blake through the screen door and they begin to kiss and grope at each other’s bathing suits. Turk then gets down on his knees, unleashes Cort’s throbbing cock and eagerly devours every inch of his huge cock. Awaken by the groans’ coming from outside Blake sees what’s going on through the screen door, takes out his hard cock and slowly strokes it while watching the guys wildly go at it. He then walks over to the screen door and lets Cort and Turk kiss, lick and pet his muscular body and long cock through the screen door. He lets them in, they all undress and pile onto the bed together.  

Cort places Blake and Turk face down on top of one another so that he can munch on both their perfectly round bubble butts at once. After rimming both hunks into complete submission Cort pulls Blake to one side and savagely fucks him while Turk watches. After having his ass hammered by Cort’s lengthy cock Blake gets Turk on his back and pounds his tight hole. These three hot studs eventually shoot a stream of milky cum onto Turk’s perfectly sculpted stomach and embrace. 

Later that night, the gorgeous Erik West and ruggedly handsome C.J. Madison are lounging outside by the fire pit enjoying some after dinner drinks and flirting.  It isn’t long before C.J. walks over to Erik’s lounge chair and passionately kisses him on the lips. Erik opens C.J.’s bathrobe and eagerly wraps his mouth around his massive cock.  The temperature quickly rises as they take turns sucking and rimming each other into a sexual frenzy. C.J. grabs Erik from behind and fucks him doggie style. He then flips him on his back and shoves his throbbing tool in and out of Erik’s gaping hole.  The scene comes to an explosive end when Erik shoots a huge load of warm man juice onto his stomach followed by C.J. blasting one all over his own hairy chest.  

The following day, sexy Jude Collin is taking a shower in a beautiful glass and marble bathroom alongside the stunning Eddie Diaz who is soaking in a huge stand alone bathtub. Watching Eddie through the glass shower doors Jude begins to fondle with his 9-inch dick with soap and water.  Excited by this Eddie starts to jerk off in the tub. Noticing Eddie’s growing interest Jude walks over to the tub and lets Eddie feverishly work on his cock and balls. After some fierce deep-throating Jude climbs into the tub and they take turns sucking each other off.  Jude then bends over the edge of the tub and Eddie munches on his hairy asshole. Jude switches places with him and furiously fuck’s Eddie ripe ass. Eddie then has Jude lay in the tub while he sits on top of him and rides his massive cock wildly.  This sizzling bathtub scene ends with Eddie shooting a huge load of warm cum on his chest followed by Jude spurting his creamy man juice all over Eddie’s stomach.  

Out by the mansion’s spectacular swimming pool, the gorgeous Tyler Riggs is basking in the sun along with hunks Nathan Sommers, Riley Burke and J.T. Ross.  The muscular Tyler Saint walks behind him and give him a sensual massage while the rest of the group longingly stare at each other.  As Tyler and Tyler begin to tongue kiss Riley makes his move and begins to massage Tyler’s smooth chest. J.T. pulls out his growing piece of man meat tempting Nathan to feverishly work his lips around his throbbing rod. Riley then pulls Tyler’s throbbing cock out and takes his large tool into his mouth. The other Tyler takes off his shirt and exposes his beautiful chiseled chest.  He then pulls his massive piece of manhood from his pants and shoves it down Tyler Riggz throat.  

This scorching hot group scene gets even hotter when Riley takes turns sucking them both off. Nathan then shoves his face in between Tyler Saint’s ass cheeks and works his tight hole with some fast tongue action. Tyler Riggz moves from this steamy four-way over to J.T and masterfully works his lips around his lengthy shaft. They all lick, lap, spit and suck each other into a sexual fervor until the two Tyler’s go off to the side and fuck. This amazing duo scene features Tyler Saint slamming his huge cock into Tyler Riggz glorious butt hole savagely. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the pool, Riley fucks Nathan unmercifully as Nathan gags on J.T.’s juicy rod.  This non-stop fuck-fest comes to a mind-blowing end as they unload mounds of gooey jizz all over their beautiful buff bodies.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Solo, Self Sucking, Muscle, 3 Way, 69, Blow Job, Masturbation, Underwear, Caucasian, Posing, Group, Hairy, and Jock

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