Drilldo Deluxe Drilldo 6pc Set

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$ 203.95

The 6 Piece Deluxe Drilldo Thrust Set includes everything that you need to experience the Ultimate Sex Tool! Operating at over 500 thrusts per minute, the new Drilldo Thrust?s in and out motion simulates real life sex thrusting! And the 12 AMP motor coupled with the 1500MAH Lithium Ion battery pack and A/C adapter ensure you?ll always have power when you need it. Included in this set is the cordless and rechargeable thrust tool, a Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo Thrust bit, and 6? & 8? realistic dildos. To complete your construction worker fantasy, this set also includes a tool bag to store your Drilldo toys, construction vest and safety goggles.

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