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Danny Warhole


Danny Warhole - Six

Danny Warhole - Six

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Framed 8”x10” Print

“Six” is an original artwork designed and drawn digitally by the artist, Danny Warhole. Drawn in Dannys signature style, he uses straight lines to create shadows and contours on the otherwise flat sketch. It is professional printed on card stock, and the back of the image is signed.

Six was drawn off a photograph of a throuple who lives in Chicago. Three men. Six cheeks. This particular throuple is made up of beautiful, creative souls, and their love and affection for each other is contagious. When Danny saw this photograph, he was immediately drawn to it, and he reached out to ask if he could draw it. Luckily, they said yes. Love takes on many forms, all of them beautiful in their own way. Danny hopes that more depictions of modern love in all its forms inspires others to be themselves, in the same way that Andy Warhol’s art initially inspired him to be himself as a teenager.

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