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Danny Warhole


Danny Warhole - Never Surrender

Danny Warhole - Never Surrender

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'Never Surrender'

Framed 5” x 7” Print

“Never Surrender” is an original artwork designed and drawn digitally by the artist, Danny Warhole. Drawn in Dannys signature style, he uses straight lines to create shadows and contours on the otherwise flat sketch. It is professional printed on card stock, and the back of the image is signed.

There’s really no other way to say it, “Never Surrender” is about pounding it out. It’s about skin, bone and muscle, colliding against each other in an act of love, passion and lust. Whether youre in the front or the back, it’s about those moments when your jaw clenches and your eyes roll back in your head. You’re not sure how much more you can take or how much more you can give, but you also never want it to end. You keep going, wondering who will call it first…”Never Surrender.”

Currently Exhibiting at Gallery@Circus West - 8861 Santa Monica Blvd

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