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All Worlds Video


Butt Munch

Butt Munch

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Mitchell Stevens, Brent Cross, Brett Ford, Bryan Williams, Daryl Brock, Lex Kyler, Mark O'Neill, and Peter Horne

Lex Kyler is wearing a jockstrap and playing with his cock for the camera. He turns around and spreads his cheeks to show off his hairy hole. Meanwhile, shaved headed stud Peter Horne is working his cock in a jockstrap too. He shows off his ass and lubes up his hole with some spit on his fingers. Lex joins Peter and they aggressively kiss and feel up each other. Peter bends over and spreads his ass wide so Lex can get his tongue deep in his hot hole. Lex lets Peter have a shot at his ass and moans in ecstasy with every lap of his tongue. After getting a good taste of each other Lex and Peter swap some spit and jack there cocks together. When Lex is ready to cum, he shoots his load all over Peter’s ass and licks it clean. Peter jacks his cock and shoots his load all over Lex’s shaved head.

Mitchell Stevens shows off his impressive foreskin for the camera and spreads his ass to reveal his perfectly smooth hole. Beefy Brent Cross does the same, winking his hole for the camera. When Mitchell joins Brent, he is already on his hands and knees with his ass in the air. Mitchell tears a hole in Brent’s tighty whities and quickly buries his face in Brent’s bubble butt. Brent rolls over on his back and lets Mitchell spit on his hole and lick up every drop of it. Brent flips Mitchell over on his back and slaps his cock against his hole. Brent teases Mitchell by spiting in his hole and fingering him. The two end up stand side by side, jacking off and shooting huge loads.

One by one the members of the butt munching final orgy show off their assets for the camera. Mark O’Neill, Bryan Williams, Daryl Brock, Brett Ford, Mitchell Stevens and Lex Kyler waste no time getting down to action. The six guys pair off sucking cock and eating ass, making one another moan with pleasure. The guys start swapping partners, getting a taste for every cock and ass they can get their tongue on. With every hole rimmed and every cock sucked, the guys take turns jacking off one by one.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Solo, Jockstrap, Fetish, Muscle, Blow Job, Masturbation, Caucasian, Posing, Cum Shots, Group, Hairy, and Jock

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