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All Worlds Video


Brothers Behaving Badly

Brothers Behaving Badly

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Peter & Casey O'Brian

CAST: Alex Carrington, Bryan Williams, Christian Blair, Collin Jennings, Lance Williams, Lucas James, and Zachary Alexander

These brothers learned an important lesson, “Take care of each other because that is what family is for!”

In the barn lanky Lucas James is just finishing up his chores and is about to kick back and relax for a bit. His brother Alex Carrington comes along to let him know that he has one last thing he needs to take care of before he can rest. Reluctantly Lucas pulls out his big brother’s uncut cock and starts to service him. Lucas is hard at work when his youngest brother, Zachary shows up. Alex tells Zachary to sit in the corner and watch how the big boys do it. Zachary starts to jack off while he’s watching his brother’s take turns sucking each other off. Lucas continues to show his little brother how it’s done by riding his big brother’s cock while he jacks himself off.

Bryan Williams and Christian Blair are stuck on a dirt road where their truck broke down. Lucas comes upon them and says he might be able to give them a hand, but they’ve got to do something for him first… and he’s not interested in money. Lucas tells the boy’s to drop their pants and he eagerly starts to suck them off. Lucas fucks both of the city boys’ asses until they are all ready to pop their loads.

On the ranch, Lance Williams is watching Alex doing some work by a shed. He gets worked up seeing the sweaty muscle man and starts to play with his cock. Alex catches Lance in the act and decides to have a little fun with him. The two end up in a hot 69 with Lance sucking Alex off while Alex tongue fucks Lance’s hole. Once he is loosened up Alex shoves every inch of his cock up Lance’s ass and pounds the cum right out of him.

Little brother Zachary Alexander is down at the fishing hole with his buddy Collin Jennings. Zachary notices that Collin has got a hardon so he offer’s to help him out, like he learned from his brothers. Collin isn’t sure what Zachary is talking about at first but once his dick goes into Zachary’s mouth he doesn’t complain. Collin rims Zachary’s ass until he’s eager for more and then goes to town on his newfound fuck buddy’s hole.

Keep the fun in the family and catch Brothers Behaving Badly now.

KEYWORDS: Masturbation, Jock, and Amateur

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