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All Worlds Video


Black Balled 2

Black Balled 2

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Austin Black, Choice Thomas, Drakkar, Eric Butler, Jack Simmons, K.J. Rogers, Luke Savage, Mitchell Stack, J.C. Carter, Winston Love, and Zaire Masters

Luke Savage is a limo driver on his way to pick up a rich client. When he takes a wrong turn he ends up in a dead end alley. A group of street punks find him and decide to have a little fun with the hunky limo driver.

Luke is quickly pulled out of the limo by Austin Black and four of his buddies. They force feed Luke cock after cock. When Austin sees his buddy JC Carter walking by with more friends he calls them over to get a piece of Luke’s hot white ass.

Once he has all ten of the black studs’ cocks hard, Luke spreads his legs and gives them a taste of his hole. He gets so turned on from the rimming that the guys want him to eat their asses out too. After Luke slips his tongue up each of their sweaty holes, it’s time for him to get fucked.

The guys fight for a turn at Luke’s tight muscle ass. Each one of them drives their cock deeper and deeper into him as he moans and gasps for more. From the alley, to the back of the limo to the guys hang out; Luke takes cock on his back, on all fours and any way they want to give it to him in this gang bang fantasy.

After fucking his ass until he can’t take anymore, all ten of the guys take turns shooting their loads on Luke’s smooth milky skin.

KEYWORDS: Interracial, Rimming, Fetish, Black, Muscle, Blow Job, Masturbation, and Jock

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