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All Worlds Video


Big Deal

Big Deal

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Alan Gregory, Antonio York, Austin Black, Bobby Tyler, Collin Jennings, Deacon Frost, and Dirk Adams

This short-but sweet little film gives us four sexy scenes where the guys go all out.

The first scene has DIRK ADAMS and BOBBY TYLER smooching right off the bat. The two men sport smooth, muscular bodies and waste no time in getting their mouths on cock. Dirk pops on a rubber and sticks his prick into Bobby's tight bunghole and pumps away over the kitchen sink. Going at it doggy style first, the two men move to a chair and Bobby takes a seat and finishes milking Dirk's cock with his fuck hole.

ANTONIO YORK and ALAN GREGORY get together for the next scene and help each other relive their hornies. The two slender men nipple suck before Alan chows down on Antonio's throbber with enthusiasm. Antonio then rubbers up and sticks his dick in Alan's butt and humps away doggy style. Alan get on his back with his legs high over his head so Antonio can plunge his ass deeper. The two finish off themselves by hand.

AUSTIN BLACK does DEACON FROST in the third scene. Deacon is sitting next to his bed jerking off when sexy Austin walks in. Deacon grabs Austin's man-crank and the two begin to kiss. Austin takes a seat on the chair and Deacon goes down on his dick with vigor. Austin returns the favor and goes down on Deacon's woody. Austin gets Deacon to turn around and gives his ass a tongue-lashing. He loosens up Deacon's butt with his fingers before he pokes the eager ass with his big cock doggy style. Mr. Frost gets on his back and Austin keeps plugging away at Deacon's manhole until he dumps a creamy load.

The final scene brings ALAN GREGORY giving up his cherry to COLLIN JENNINGS. As soon as Collin walks in the room, Alan goes for the meat with his eager, wet lips. Collin does the same to Alan's stiff, prick. He licks the shaven man sack and then goes to town bobbing up and down on the erect dick. Alan then lifts his legs up in the air as Collin loosens him up with a finger fuck first before sticking it to him doggy style. Collin slams the bottom boy's ass. Collin dispenses his man goop on Alan's smooth stomach.

Four quick sucking and fucking scenes that are meant to get you off!

KEYWORDS: Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Caucasian, Cum Shots, and Jock

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