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All Worlds Video


Another Man's Hand

Another Man's Hand

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Bryce London, Chad Savage, Clint Cooper, Haus Weston, Jake Cannon, Leo Lyons, Nino Bacci, Peter Wilder, Scott Matthews, and Tanner Hayes

College football standout Huas Weston dies tragically in a boating accident according to a front page story in the newspaper. The story goes on to say that the family has donated his hand to a group of Doctors who plan to use it in the first ever hand transplant… The surgery is a success. However, Clint Cooper, the recipient of the medical miracle, quickly finds that the hand has a mind of its own.

Before Clint can wake up, his hand comes to life and begins to explore the new muscle bound body that it is attached too. Before long Clint’s new hand is wrapped around his cock and he’s jacking off. Clint wakes up just as he’s about to shoot his load and he is definitely pleased with the doctors work.

Clint is showing off his new hand to his buddy Peter Wilder. The hand takes over and starts rubbing Peter’s cock. Clint tries to fight it, but Peter thinks that it might be good for Clint to just go with the flow… Before long Clint is giving Peter a hand job that leads to a full on blowjob. Peter and Clint take turns sucking one another off and then eating each other’s asses out until they both jerk off their creamy loads.

That night the ghost of Haus Weston, the original owner of the hand, pays a visit to Clint to tell him about all the fun it had with him and his buddies when he was still alive. In a flashback Haus is jacking off with his jock buddy Bryce London on the deck of a pool. Haus leads Bryce inside where Jake Cannon is busy sucking off Leo Lyons. Haus moves in to take over sucking Leo and Jake moves on to service Bryce’s cock. Eventually Leo fucks Haus while Bryce is fucking Jake right next to him. The two bottoms take turns kissing one another as their holes are being pounded.

The next day at the gym it’s shower time for Clint. Nino Bacci, Chad Savage and Scott Matthews walk in and the guys can’t help but check Clint out and ask about the hand transplant. As soon as they drop their towels though the hand takes over and has to touch all of their cocks. A steamy four-way breaks out in the showers and the guys take turns blowing one another. Hot blond Scott rides Ninos cock while taking turns sucking on Clint and Chad and eventually all three of the guys blow their loads on the eager bottom.

Tanner Hayes, who was dating Clint before he had his hand transplant surgery, says that he’s heard the rumors about how it’s changed his sex drive. Now Tanner wants a piece of the action so he and Clint waste no time stripping down and slobbering all over each other’s cocks. Clint starts fucking Tanner and he quickly shoots his load all over his chest and Tanner eagerly sucks Clint off until he blows his load.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Military, Solo, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Caucasian, Group, Jock, and Amateur

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