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All Worlds Video


Americans In Paris

Americans In Paris

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Erik Martins, Arnaud, Daniel Kalvoda, David Pierre, Franco Milano, Hal Rodman, Jake Andrews, Loic Herault, Nick Chevalier, Pavel Dubcek, and Steve Cannon

Steve Cannon and Jake Andrews are vacationing in Paris and they are on the prowl for some hot uncut French cock. Jake Andrews is cruising a leather sex club where he finds Hal Rodman working over David Pierre in a sling. Jake joins in on the fun with David and the two of the worship Hal's uncut cock. Jake ends up in the middle of the action letting Hal fuck him while David sucks him and then watches and jacks off as Hal plows his boy in the sling. In another part of Paris Franco Milano is shopping at a flower market where Loic Herault catches his eye. Franco follows Loic and ends up in an abandoned warehouse where they go inside and meet up with Pavel Dubcek and Daniel Kalvoda. Loic drops to his knees and sucks all three of the uncut studs. Loic, who still has his eyes on Franco bends over to let the goateed stud fuck him while he makes out with Daniel, who is laying on his back with Pavel plowing his ass. In the third scene shaved and tattooed Erik Martins is taking charge of dark haired muscle twink Nick Chevalier. Nick eagerly sucks Erik, rims his ass and licks him from head to toe giving him an erotic tongue bath that pushes Erik over the edge. When darkness falls in the City of Lights the entire cast heads out to the sex clubs. Things start out with Jake Andrews sucking off Pavel Dubcek and one by one the entire cast of the movie joins the soiree and it becomes an epic orgy of cock sucking, ass licking and hole fucking that leaves all of the stars covered in hot loads of cum.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, International, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Caucasian, J/O, Group, Jock, and Amateur

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